Just-Plucked Produce

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Get the freshest produce possible

from local and sustainable farms,

delivered to your door each week.

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We deliver

the freshest produce

We work with local farms to get seasonal produce on your doorstep as little as 1 or 2 days after it's harvested. . No more tasteless strawberries then.

thoughtful sourcing

and sustainable packaging

Most items are grown or made within 2 hours of Detroit using sustainable farming practices.

We pick up and reuse our delivery baskets too, and our packaging is all home compostable or recyclable.

convenience and savings

that you can feel good about

Farmers keep a bigger % than they would at a farmer's market or a store.

Delivery drivers are paid fairly, and don't rely on tips.

We keep it affordable by working closely with farmers, highlighting seasonal options, and ordering in advance to reduce waste

How it works


Sign up, and choose your preferences to set up the perfect delivery

Monday - Thursday

Start with a $40 basket of local, seasonal produce.

Add or remove items to customize your box before Thursday night.


Your basket is finalized, we charge your card, and orders are sent to local farms

Sunday or Monday

Your basket arrives on your doorstep in the morning (before the heat of the day) in reusable or compostable containers.

check out our FAQ

Check out our local, seasonal, and sustainable market

Fresh bread





Pantry & Essentials

Local Chefs

(coming soon)

Meat & Dairy

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What your neighbors think

“Everything I have tried so far has been delicious and delightfully fresh. It is also amazing how much longer this local produce stays fresh [...] both bunches were vastly prettier and tastier than anything in a grocery store”

Sarah, chatting about, and chewing on, asparagus

“I like the lack of waste/ packaging. The farms you work with. The home delivery. The price. The customer service. Pretty much everything-- I talk about how much I love Goodpluck all the time.”


“I love the fact that Good Pluck is providing fresh wholesome food right here in the city! Price is right and I get to try things I wouldn’t normally try, like the edible flowers. Really appreciate the email alerts to let me know it’s been delivered. So glad to have this service!”

LaVerne B.

Frequently asked questions

Email hello@goodpluck.com if you have any other questions!

Members can reply to any of our texts or emails for quick help!

Is there a delivery minimum?

Orders above $35 get free shipping, otherwise it's $6.99.

When and where do you deliver?

We deliver to the Detroit Metro Area, and are expanding our delivery zones this summer.

Baskets arrive on Sunday and Monday mornings (your choice) usually between 6 am and noon.

Do I need to tip my delivery driver?

No, we believe in paying all our employees and partners fairly and not leaving that up to chance!

If you are feeling particularly grateful you can text us a "thanks!" when we deliver you order - your driver will see it too!

Will you remind me to update my basket?

We send you an email when the market opens on Monday and before it closes on Thursday.

We send you a confirmation when your order is submitted on Friday.

We send a text the evening before your basket arrives, and one when it is delivered.

What if have a question / feedback / need help with something?

Text us or email us at hello@goodpluck.com! We love problem solving and talking about our produce!
If you have an issue, we'll strive to make it right!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yup! You can also skip a week or two if you're out of town, change delivery dates, and update your info all from goodpluck.com/myaccount!


Let's get plucking.